Formutech Nutrition Test Rx Review

Formutech Nutrition Test Rx is a testosterone booster that promises big things. Everyone wants more testosterone, it increases energy, vitality and muscle mass.

A solid testosterone booster can make a huge difference to your life. Especially if you are training hard.

Test Rx certainly looks and feels like a solid premium product, but it’s a little frustrating to see that this booster has hidden all of it’s ingredients into a proprietary blend. Meaning we can’t see individual doses.

This blend is a fairly decent size though, and looks to be completely natural, which is great. But lets take a closer look at the key ingredients and see if this product is going to get you jacked.

Formutech Nutrition Test Rx Core Ingredients

Test Rx focuses on natural ingredients, which is great to see as this means it can be supplemented for longer periods without the risk of side effects. Pretty essential when boosting testosterone.

There are some ingredients in here which are proven and effective, but some that just seem to be lack in terms of scientific backing and clinical research.

Oyster Extract is a great source of key testosterone boosting nutrients, but you do need 100mg or more for it to be properly effective.

DHEA is in it’s early stages of study but is looking quite positive as a testosterone booster, you just need to avoid high doses as it can cause side effects.

Epiandrosterone is a metabolite of DHEA, and is essentially a pro hormone. It’s legal, but is generally still up for it’s debate as something safe that will boost test levels.

It can be useful for cutting and some slight muscle building but does need dosing precisely. As you can’t see how much you are supplementing it’s probably worth trying this ingredient on it’s own first.

Generally most of the ingredients in here are unproven to work as boosters and aren’t backed by science. There are more effective and safer natural boosters out there.

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Formutech Nutrition Test Rx Dose

2 capsules per day. But you should be checking tolerance first. This is quite a poor dosing structure for a testosterone booster as you want something that can be supplemented 4 times a day.

Spreading the dosage out more means you will get better effects from the ingredients and ensure you testosterone levels are kept up through the day.

Its worth remembering that there are some potent ingredients in here, that may not suit casual gym goers too, so be aware of this.

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Formutech Nutrition Test Rx Side Effects

You may get some headaches and nausea from some of the stronger ingredients contained in Test Rx.

This depends on individual tolerance though.

We wouldn’t recommend this supplement for casual gym goers or people who don’t workout looking to boost testosterone levels.

Formutech Nutrition Test Rx Review Conclusion

There are more effective and safer testosterone boosters on the market than this.

But as a supplement for extremely serious lifters this isn’t at all bad, it’s just not something that you want to be using for over 2 days.

Remember when you come off products like this you can also impact other hormone levels in the body, so ideally you need to be shopping for a testosterone booster that you can use over long periods.

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Formutech Nutrition Test Rx Review Conclusion
  • 6.2/10
    Formutech Nutrition Test Rx Review Conclusion - 6.2/10

Formutech Nutrition Test Rx Review Conclusion

You may get some results if the oyster extract and DHEA are dosed right, but ultimately Test-Rx doesn’t compete with top testosterone boosters in terms of safety and effectiveness.

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