Find Your Fine Female Fat Burner Review

Reviewed by Emma

Whether male or female fat burners are the perfect supplement to help get rid of unwanted fat. Generally there are no differences between male and female versions of these products, they all have similar ingredients profiles and work with your body in the same way. We’ve never heard of Find Your Fine or FYF supplements before, so it’ll be interesting to see what results you’d get from purchasing this supplement.

Core Ingredients

Find Your Fine is split up into two bottles. One that contains a daytime supplement to help you burn away fat, and another that will serve more as a sleep aid. The ingredients profile of both looks to be all natural with reasonable dose of all ingredients. The problem for you here though, is that a few of these ingredients are untested, so whilst it’s a major positive you are buying a natural supplement, it’s most likely a lot of the ingredients won’t give you much of a fat burning effect.

Daytime Bottle


A staple of any fat burner. You need caffeine to help speed up your metabolism through the day. This will burn away extra calories and give you a little boost of energy too. Especially helpful if you are going to be working out or feeling tired from dieting.

Raspberry Ketone

We tired of seeing this in supplements. Raspberry Ketones have been proven to have no benefits. They are a by product of the perfume industry that was cleverly marketed as the next big thing. We’d recommend you avoid this when looking to buy a fat burner.


There is insufficient evidence to support L-Arginine as an exercise supplement at this stage. Which means there is even less evidence to support it’s use as a fat burner. Whilst bodybuilders would get some benefits from supplementing it, there aren’t enough studies to back up it’s use in this product.

Green Coffee Bean

A good addition to this supplement. Green coffee bean as in this form it is extremely high in Chlorogenic acid. This helps reduce the formation of glucose in your liver. This aids the maintenance of sugar levels and in turn will help with weight loss.

Beta Alanine

This is an amino acid. It will help if you are lifting weights in the gym. However there is limited evidence to support it as a direct fat burning ingredient. Another problem is that there is often an ‘itching’ feeling from Beta Alanine, which can be a little unpleasant if you are not used to it.

Nighttime Bottle

The nighttime bottle contains trytophan and melatonin. You’ll get a better nights sleep and improved recovery from supplementing these ingredients, so this is a nice little addition. To get the full benefits though you would need to be ensuring you workout hard.

Find Your Fine Female Fat Burner Side Effects?

You shouldn’t get any bad side effects from this product. However the beta-alanine may cause some discomfort and itching to you. Be aware of this, if it does happen then stop using the supplement.

Whats the Cost?

$69.99 for both bottles. This isn’t a bad deal, but remember that the supplement contains a lot of unproven ingredients. If it’s not been mentioned in this review, it’s because there isn’t enough science to back it up. For an effective fat burner (male and female) we’d recommend the best on the market at the moment. Check out our current number #1 here. 

Find Your Fine Female Fat Burner Review Conclusion

This is an ok fat burner. But there are a large number of ineffective ingredients in here and the potential for some mild side effects. You’d be better off spending your money on something with well researched and effective ingredients. When buying a fat burner keep your eyes open for Green Tea, this is crucial, as is something that will serve as a dietary aid. Read about our current #1 fat burner here, tested and reviewed by all the GymShock team.

Find Your Fine Female Fat Burner Review Conclusion
  • 4.1/10
    Find Your Fine Female Fat Burner Review Conclusion - 4.1/10


We like the night time product as a bonus. But this just isn’t a very good fat burner. If you are looking to really get rid of those extra lbs, then take a look at our current number #1.

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