Evlution Nutrition PumpMode Review

2 Trick Pony. 1 Set Price.

PumpMode is a great sounding product. Who on earth isn’t chasing that muscle pump each time they hit the weight room?

The product looks great, solid and strong branding with a great premium feel and weight to it too. Impressive.

But, are they making a big deal out of very little? We’d think so.

See when you look at the supplement facts on this product all you are really getting is a very basic set of ingredients for a very serious price tag. We get the product looks the part, but is it going to be worth parting with cash that much?

Evlution Nutrition PumpMode Ingredients

The ingredients list in PumpMode is obviously tiny, for a product that could have so much more, and looks like it should!

Other than a couple of vitamins, which help with energy and absorption we are left with two major ingredients.


Glycerol is a liquid alcohol most commonly found in the diet as a component of fat or triglycerides. The glycerol serves as the backbone onto which fatty acid molecules are attached. Commercial preparation of glycerol can be obtained by hydrolysis (removal) of the fatty acids from the glycerol molecule.

Betaine Nitrate

Betaine is commonly supplemented by alcoholics and helps with liver function and repair.

However it has a good use in pre workouts with increase the efficiency of the nitric oxide system and therefore increasing muscle pumps during your workout.

This is a good dependable ingredient and can be bought affordably on it’s own.

Evlution Nutrition PumpMode Dose

The dose is good for what PumpMode offers, and as a stim free product it’s very safe and shouldn’t really get you any side effects.

You can safely double scoop or even, our preference, use it as something to add onto a pre workout of your choice.

Evlution Nutrition PumpMode Review Conclusion

This is a fairly decent product that does exactly what it says it will.

We prefer to mix it in with other ingredients or into a mix with other pre workouts, although the pump can get a little agonising, so be careful.

Generally you won’t get any side effects from this product either but it’s not absolutely essential to your supplement stack.

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