EFX Sports Test Charge Hardcore Kit Testosterone Booster Review

Test Charge Hardcore kit is a 3 part testosterone booster from EFX sports. With a long line of supplements, some better than others EFX sports have established themselves as a fairly major supplements company. This product promises to support testosterone production using a “three-pronged-attack”. This is broken down into 3 doses: Ignite (A liquid), Sustain and Block. Initially we like the look of this product, however, think that the dosing may be a little over the top. Also, each supplement in Test Charge Hardcore is a proprietary blend. Not ideal for those looking for a transparent and effective testosterone booster.


Core Ingredients

We’ve broken down the lengthy ingredients list into the below active ingredients. Whilst the list on the right may look a little daunting, there is a high amount of duplicates within the capsule/liquid. Again, this product seems a little overcomplicated. Let’s take a deeper look into what you are actually getting for your money.


This is the key ingredient to the ‘Taxadral fast acting matrix’. Generally used as a treatment for skin conditions, this ingredient is used by supplement companies on the basis that ‘sterols’ present are not too dissimilar to anabolic steroids. This is a false claim and there isn’t any evidence to support its use a bodybuilding supplement. Studies have found there isn’t enough evidence for it even to prove it’s worth as something to support skin conditions.


Yohimbe is derived from a bark. Generally, it’s thought that this ingredient can aid with erectile dysfunction. It’s a completely natural ingredient which is great to see in this supplement. Studies have shown that there is no benefit to athletic performance or testosterone production. We are also fairly sure it won’t taste that great when added to a liquid.

Yew Powder

From research we have found that Yew can be unsafe for a few people. There is also limited evidence on whether this ingredient in supplements can actually aid with testosterone production or bodybuilding. We’d love to hear from you if you have had experiences with this ingredient, so get in touch in the comments section.

Vaga Extractefx-sports-test-charge-ingredients

There is a lot online about this ingredient and its ability to provide safe benefits to both male and female bodybuilders and athletes alike. It is thought that this ingredient (which contains Hydroxecdysone) improves the anabolic environment for the body to produce testosterone. Whilst there are very limited scientific studies on this ingredient, it’s impossible to ignore the many lifters that support it.

5, 7-Dihydroxy Flavone (Chrysine)

This ingredient is another that is widely used by the lifting community to support testosterone production. But, as with the Vaga Extract, has had no scientific studies to back it’s use. There could be some benefits to this ingredient, but we wouldn’t choose to buy it.


This ingredient used used to help balance out hormones. There is some proven use, particularly in women with ovary problems at helping balance oestrogen. This ingredient would be useful for someone who has just finished a steroid cycle, but is a little over the top for this supplement as we doubt the ingredients will cause that much of an increase.


Boron is a mineral found in the environment. It’s been used medically for years and scientists think that due to changes in farming, people are getting less of it in their diet. Boron supplementation can have an impact on serum vitamin d levels in some males and therefore boost testosterone. It’s not a bad testosterone boosting ingredient and comes from a natural source which is also great. 


Supposedly helps with absorption of other ingredients within supplements. DHB has become known as the “supplement amplifier”. There is however, little science supporting it’s use, as the body can only break down so much of a supplement at a time, therefore the rate at which absorption increases is likely to be low.

Whats the Cost?

30 days of this product will set you back around $40.00/£30.00. This isn’t too bad as you are getting three mini products in one go. However, there are a few ingredients that are unproven and potentially ineffective. With another that could potentially lead to side effects. For the price you are more paying for a gimmick than a proven and effective product. Check out our current #1 testosterone booster to see something that is better value and more effective.

EFX Sports Test Charge Hardcore Kit Testosterone Booster Review

We like what this product is trying to do. But for most people the gimmick of three different supplement types for one simple goal is a bit of a mess around. There are some good testosterone boosting ingredients in here. But there is also a lot of unproven stuff. Don’t pay for a gimmick and look for something with a list of developed and proven natural ingredients instead.


EFX Sports Test Charge Hardcore Kit Testosterone Booster Review
  • 6.2/10
    EFX Sports Test Charge Hardcore Kit Testosterone Booster Review - 6.2/10


We like the product and the way you take it. We don’t like the ingredients as much. Stick to the basics when you are looking for a testosterone booster. A dose spread through the day, that’s all one form of tablet and a product that contains a wide range of proven ingredients are essential. This doesn’t quite tick those boxes. Tried this product or have questions? Comment below.

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