eFlow Nutrition Enrage Pre Workout Review

My Authour BoxAre you going to be left with a raging hard on after this eFlow Nutrition Enrage Pre Workout Review? Or will it just be another pre workout to add to the list. (Raging Rocket Pop review)

Finding yourself that special pre workout can be pretty hard through the samey blends and styles these days. I prefer 4 Gauge, clean, concise and no side effects. Controversial given it’s small ingredients profile.

Will eFlow Nutritions pre workout Enrage stand up to this though? Or is it just going to be another supplement on my pre workout pile.

The product does look good to be fair, however the ingredients profile contains a proprietary blend. Are eflow nutrition trying to hide something from us? Let’s find out…

eFlow Nutrition Enrage Pre Workout Core Ingredients

A big focus on Beta Alanine here, bit of a problem for us but it we will touch on that later. Other than that we can see a blend of creatine, but the big problem is the Energy and Performance blend. eFlow Nutrition Enrage Pre Workout Review Ingredients

We can’t see individual amounts in this blend, so it could just be full of the cheaper ingredients and not the most effective.

There’s a few amino acids which is useful, but again we don’t know the doses.

Beta Alanine

Beta Alanine is a fairly good ingredient for improving performance in a pre workout. However it’s also one of our least favourites.

If you are buying a pre workout that has a big focus on beta alanine you are most like to get that ‘itching’ feeling from it. It can be intensely distracting throughout a workout!


Nice to see a touch of creatine here, just to top up your bodies supplies, but as with most pre workouts, our current number #1 included, you need to supplement more for any results.

The amount of of creatine you need to get the strength gains is around 5000mg. So just be aware of this.


This gets you a pump. Citrulline increases the blood flow to the muscle, this allows for a larger amount of nutrients and better performance.

Enrage pre workout is massively under dosed with 1000mg. This could be doubled up to 1000mg, but for the full benefits of citrulline you need to be looking for around 5-6000mg.

Frustrating eFlow Nutrition!


A solid pre-workout ingredient. You need this in any product to give you a nice bit of energy for hitting the weights/doing cardio/doing the chores.

Caffiene speeds up the metabolism and ensures you will last longer working out. This product most likely has a fairly high dose in this annoying hidden blend, so we’d recommend checking your tolerance first.


L-Tyrosine is an amino acid. It is an ingredient that will help with neuromuscular performance and increase the amount of chemicals released in the brain as you train.

This will mean that your workouts are improved and you will benefit from increased focus and alertness. You may experience some side effects when dosing this ingredient, so check your tolerance.

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eFlow Nutrition Enrage Pre Workout Dose

1 scoop is a serving, but you really need to be double scooping this to get the effects for creatine and a bit of an effect from the citrulline.

You get 30 servings in here but constantly needing to double scoop means this pre workout works out about 15 realistically.

Remember if you double up servings, you could end up taking a lot of caffeine which could lead to feeling quite shit once you crash. Just be aware of this!

eFlow Nutrition Enrage Pre Workout Side Effects

You should be clear of side effects, certainly if you only single scoop. But if you double the serving, the proprietary blend means that you could get some side effects from the caffeine.

This will just be energy crashes and sometimes headaches, depending on how you handle caffeine!

eFlow Nutrition Enrage Pre Workout Taste

ROCKET ICE LOLLY! (My inner child just screamed with joy.) The taste itself is made from artificial flavours though, so could have a weird tang to it, which is very common with pre workouts.

eFlow Nutrition Enrage Pre Workout Cost

$ 39.99 for 30 servings. This isn’t too bad, but the low doses of key ingredients mean it is pretty overpriced though and won’t give you an amazing pre workout experience.

Our current number #1 has a higher dose of everything you need and comes in a little cheaper per serving as you won’t be needing to double scoop. It’s also naturally flavoured and side effect free.

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eFlow Nutrition Enrage Pre Workout Review Conclusion

We love the branding and marketing of this pre workout, it’s cool. But ultimately a proprietary blend and low dose of key ingredients let it down!

Frustrating – although it’s worth purchasing to add to the cool looking pre workout collection.

If you want results though, check out our top 3.


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