Driven Sports Craze V2 Pre-workout Review

Craze V2 is a redesigned pre-workout from Driven Sports. The company behind this product claim to sell the best sports supplements available and will allow you to push your athletic limits. They do have some good supplements in their range and are a trustworthy well-established company. Craze V2 is a product that has a fair bit of positive light on it on the internet also.

Core Ingredients

From the off we can say, as with the first Craze, this product contains a proprietary blend of ingredients. This basically means that you cannot see amounts of individual ingredients inside the product. This is a problem in all supplements because you don’t know how effective it’s going to be, or if you are actually getting good value for money. Because this is a pre-workout supplement too, you could be getting a large dose of caffeine without realising, causing crashes or jitters. On the flip side you could be getting not enough, and it having a minimal effect.

Creatine Monohydrate craze-v2-pre-workout-ingredients

An amino acid that coverts in the body to phosphocreatine, this molecule will serve as a storage reserve for quick energy.  This is crucial in voluntary muscles within the body. In short the right amount of this ingredient will make you perform better. Again though, we don’t know the dose, so you may be left disappointed with this prouduct.

Betaine Anhydrous

There aren’t enough scientific studies on this ingredient to have it proven as something that increases exercise performance. It has been widely used in the bodybuilding community for some time. The fact it is part of the proprietary blend means you may not be getting served enough of it by this product.


This should be a major ingredient in any pre-workout. This increases the efficiency of the nitric oxide absorption in the body and will give you a solid pump. The dose of this may be a little low, given it’s place on the key ingredients list. You want to be looking at 4000mg+ for best results from this ingredient.


A pure form of caffeine is in the product that should give you a solid amount of energy in your workout by stimulating the central nervous system and giving you a boost. It’s worth noting that you may not the best effects from any dose under 150mg, and as this product is a blend, we can’t see how much you will be getting.


A maximum of 2 scoops in one day. It’s probably not advised to double scoop this product either, due to the fact you can’t tell what you are actually putting into your body. Remember, when buying any supplement, especially a pre-workout it’s important to be able to see a full disclosed ingredients list.

What’s the Cost

Craze V2 comes in at the premium end of the pre-workouts price. $40.00. We’d say that’s a little unfair given the fact you don’t know what ingredients are actually in here and if the product is going to perform. There are far better pre-workout supplements on the market at the moment for a similar price, with proven quality ingredients.


Driven Sports Craze V2 Pre-workout Review Conclusion

We like Driven Sports as a company and what their company stands for. However, this supplement is a bit of a let down. It contains a lot of ingredients that are great and will give you some solid results as you train, however we can’t back anything that doesn’t disclose a full dose. This especially of a true thats expensive. If you want a premium pre-workout, then there are better brands out there. We’d recommend checking out our top 3 pre-workouts. 

Driven Sports Craze V2 Pre-workout Review Conclusion
  • 4.6/10
    Driven Sports Craze V2 Pre-workout Review Conclusion - 4.6/10

Driven Sports Craze V2 Pre-workout Review Conclusion

A product from a good company, let down by over pricing and a proprietary blend. You will get better results from any one of our top 3 pre-workouts.

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