Dedicated Nutrition Dominate Review

Dedicated Nutrition are a UK based company who’s brand and products look great. This is a fully independant Dedicated Nutrition Dominate Review.

Dominate is a hormone support supplement that promises to increase your testosterone levels, improving overall performance and strength.

Let’s take a closer look and see if this great looking product will deliver natural testosterone boosting results.


Core Ingredients

The core ingredients in this product are slightly alternative when it comes to boosting testosterone. Which isn’t a good thing unfortunately. In regards testosterone boosters there is generally a very limited amount of actual proven ingredients.

The dosing of ingredients is also very very small when compared with any of our top 3 proven t boosters.


Generally sarcosine is used to treat depression and other mental illnesses.

However in the case of Dedicated Nutrition Dominate testosterone booster, it’s used to improve cognition through your workout. This is a fairly solid addition to a bodybuilding product, however it has no direct influence on testosterone levels.Dedicated nutrition dominate ingredients


Whilst this is an ancient herb used for a number of medicinal properties, there are very limited studies that show it provides any form of support for the male hormonal environment.

Generally this ingredient is best served in a cup of tea and the benefits don’t really go beyond that.

Nettle Root

From a medicinal standpoint this ingredient may help with inflammatory effects within the body. In terms of a testosterone support, all the evidence points to this being ineffective.

Studies conducted have proven that this has no impact on hormones in males.

Spilanthes Acmella

There is very limited scientific information on this herb. At this stage you may get some results from it, but it wouldn’t be guaranteed and chances are it could be at the wrong dose in dominate.

We will update if any studies come about for this ingredient and it’s testosterone boosting properties.

D Aspartic Acid

A massive ingredient thats vital for any testosterone booster and contained at a large dose in all of our top 3.

Proven to directly increase the production of testosterone in the testes. Dominate has 50mg of this, which is about right to get you the full range of testosterone boosting benefits. Studies have proven this ingredient works.–

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3 capsules before breakfast and 3 before bed! This is a massive dose, which could get a little annoying for some people.

It may also be less effective as you are taking the ingredients in one go, as opposed to broken through the day.

It’s generally proven that 3-4 capsules through the day works best.

Dedicated Nutrition Dominate Review Side Effects

We doubt there will be any negative side effects from Dominate Testosterone Booster. However you could get a little discomfort if you take the DAA on an empty stomach.

What’s the Cost?

We found this product for £32.00 / $45.oo. There’s no doubt this is a premium looking product, but it just doesn’t justify this cost with the ingredients it has.

You’re better off looking for a product from our top 3, proven to work, at a similar price.

Read about my experiences with the number 1 testosterone booster.

Dedicated Nutrition Dominate Review Conclusion

We love the way this product looks. We also love dedicated nutrition as a whole, but this testosterone booster is a little lacking in terms of it’s ingredients profile.

Largely unproven and a high price tag means this product isn’t really worth it. There’s also a minor issue with the dosing.

Top 3 Testosterone Boosters

Dedicated Nutrition Dominate Review Conclusion
  • 4.7/10
    Dedicated Nutrition Dominate Review Conclusion - 4.7/10

Dedicated Nutrition Dominate Review Conclusion

Unproven ingredients and a minor dosing issue means this product may not get you the absolute best results. We love the look and the brand, but need more key proven minerals and t boosting ingredients. Click to see our top 3.

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