CytoSport Monster Initiate Pre-Workout Review

CytoSport are the company behind the hugely successful muscle milk supplements. This is their pre-workout offering from a sub brand, called Monster. The muscle milk range by CytoSport is successful because it is pretty good. They are premium supplements that deliver good results. Initiate Pre-Workout looks similar too, containing some of the most important ingredients for any pre-workout and coming in at a reasonable price. You want to get pump, energy, focus and strength from any pre-workout so you can really dominate your session. 



Core Ingredients

The ingredients list looks pretty good for a pre-workout supplement. Providing a solid dose of some of the major ingredients. However, there are a couple of ingredients here that can give you some uncomfortable side effects, and others that are under dosed. There are a couple of minor ingredients in here, like the Taruine, which aren’t really necessary given the amount of caffeine present.  monster-initiate-ingredients

Vitamin C, B6, B12

Essential nutrients for the human body. B vitamins especially after referred to as ‘the energy vitamin’, that’s because they play a major role in the transfer of energy from food. The same applies to vitamin c, something that plays a major role in energy levels and keeping you from feeling fatigued.


Caffeine should be in every pre-workout you take. It’s a stimulant, as you know, and helps increase energy through the workout, ensuring you can smash the session. Another positive to caffeine is that will help boost your metabolism, burning more fat through the session.


Betaine is used in pre-workouts to directly provide energy to the muscle through creatine production. There is little evidence to truly support this in terms of athletic performance though. What would have been a better choice of ingredient for Monster Initiate would have been creatine itself. This allows for faster, more effective absorption.

Beta Alanine

Beta Alanine is widely used in pre-workouts and often gives you a tingling sensation in the skin. Whilst there are some positives to this ingredient, that same tingling feeling can often be a little distracting too, especially if it’s not dosed correctly or double scooped. There are better ingredients that could replace this, getting rid of any annoying side effects.


PUMP. Citrulline increases the efficiency of the blood flow and nitric oxide absorption in the body. This means your veins start popping and the oxygen carried by the blood to the muscle. A great ingredient for a pre-workout. It is a little under dosed in this product, but you should still get a fairly solid pump from the 3000mg.


Can you double scoop Monster Initiate? Yes. You won’t have any trouble. All ingredients seem to be on the low side of a dose other than a caffeine and the vitamins though. There are pre-workouts out there with a better ingredients profile dosed higher, giving you a godlike feeling before your session.


You can buy this product from a load of outlets. had it listed for $40.00. A little pricey given the under-dosing of the core ingredients.




CytoSport Monster Initiate Pre-Workout Review Conclusion

This is a fairly decent product. But for us, it just doesn’t contain enough of the major pre-workout ingredients you can get with other products. For something that we know delivers you an unrivalled pre-workout effect, we’d recommend you check out our top 3 pre-workouts.

CytoSport Monster Initiate Pre-Workout Review Conclusion
  • 6.8/10
    CytoSport Monster Initiate Pre-Workout Review Conclusion - 6.8/10


A solid pre-workout let down by under dosed core ingredients and a heavy price tag.

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