Bulk Powders Complete T-Booster Review

My Authour BoxBad day at work made better by hitting the gym today. Had a nightmare where I’ve run out of my t booster, and didn’t order until today. Thought I’d do a Bulk Powders Complete T-Booster Review to pass the time…

European supplements company and industry giants Bulk Powders testosterone booster offering is the affordable, very basic Complete T-Booster.

Containing 3 ingredients, this product looks good, and comes from a reputable company. We get the distinct feeling though, they are ripping you off. Even with it’s £24.99 price tag.


Core Ingredients

There isn’t much to talk about here. The product contains 3 ingredients. There are plenty more proven testosterone boosting ingredients that should’ve made their way into this product. Not great for £24.99 and will give you very limited results. It is however good to see that this product contains no proprietary blends.


A sterodial compound that’s found in a number of plants, and also unproven testosterone boosting ingredients like Tribulus. This compound is completely unproven to support testosterone production in males, with the main studies conducted actually performed on rats. Whilst there are some in the lifting community that swear by Tribulus (protodioscin) you are far better off investing in something that has Asain Ginseng, or Fenugreek.

D-Aspartic Acid

This will give you some good results and increase performance and help with a natural testosterone boost. The way D-Aspartic acid works is by aiding testosterone release in the testes. It is well used and tested by the lifting community. The dose is a little high in this product, which could cause some side effects. You want around 2000mg throughout the day for best results.


Zinc is vital to normal bodily function and helps with the production of the lutenizing hormone. A good ingredient to have in a testosterone booster, however it’d be good to see Magnesium in here as a base mineral also.

Complete T-Booster Side Effects

Unfourtunately due to the massive 3000mg of D-Aspartic acid in complete boost, you could get some minor side effects. This wil, generally be a bit of an upset stomach due to the high acidity. We’d recommend checking tolerance and ALWAYS supplementing this product after a meal or snack.

What’s the Cost?

We found this product for £24.99 from www.bulkpowders.co.uk. This is very expensive for a product that is very restricted in it’s ability to increase testosterone. We’d seriously recommend checking out our top 3 testosterone boosters. They may cost a little more, but you will get better results in a shorter amount of time.




Bulk Powders Complete T-Booster Review Conclusion

We have no doubt that this will give you some minor results over time. But it’s just not got a very robust ingredients profile for the price you are paying. You need to be looking for a product like Propura’s Prime Male, or Roar Ambitions TestoFuel to get solid results, from scientifically backed ingredients.

Bulk Powders Complete T-Booster Review
  • 2.5/10
    Bulk Powders Complete T-Booster Review Conclusion - 2.5/10

Bulk Powders Complete T-Booster Review Conclusion

Not worth the money you pay. We love Bulk Powders for basic ingredients. But for increasing testosterone there are far better products. See our top 3.

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