Battery Nutrition Shocker Pre-Workout Review

Battery Nutrition are a fairly small company, with their SHOCKING pre workout offering. This is a full Battery Nutrition Shocker Pre-Workout Review.

We will find out if this nice looking pre workout can shock you into an amazing performance at the gym. Or if it’s blend will leave you feeling twitchy and crashing.

The product uses a blend of around 11 ingredients to get you the buzz of a pre workout, this is a fairly extensive list, which could mean it’s under dosed in some areas.

Is it worth your money and will it get to be our number #1 pre workout?

Battery Nutrition Shocker Pre-Workout Ingredients

There’s a good solid set of ingredients in this. The dose of the BA may lead to some side effects however you should be fairly clear of side effects from everything else.

It’d be good to see less of the BA and a higher dose of the citrulline however. Just improving blood flow and nutrient flow a little more.

Overall the other ingredients will yield some good focus and energy.

Beta Alanine

This can be very annoying in a pre workout, whilst there are some strength benefits to Beta Alanine, the major drawback is the massive presence of an ‘itching’ side effect that occurs.

This can be pretty distracting whilst working out and as the dose in Shocker is so large (Hence the name) this is all but guaranteed.


Great to see a fairly big dose of creatine in here! It means that you can pretty much be stronger in the gym as it allows greater energy availability for muscles.


2000mg will get you a fairly decent pump, but nothing absolutely amazing. The other ingredients however like the L-Arginine and beetroot may make up for this.

Our number 1 has 6000mg of citrulline, which is a massive proven dose.


This is the pre cursor to nitric oxide so will help in a similar way to l-citrulline, but isn’t needed in our opinion if they just put a bigger dose in!


A solid pre-workout ingredient. You need this in any product to give you a nice bit of energy for hitting the weights/doing cardio or whatever. Caffiene speeds up the metabolism and ensures you will last longer working out. This product certainly has a high dose of it too, so we’d recommend checking your tolerance first.

Citrus Aurantium

Not ideal. This is a largely unproven ingredient that’s similar to banned substance ephedrine. Citrus Aurantium, namely synephrine can potentially cause harmful side effects if not dosed correctly.

Battery Nutrition Shocker Pre-Workout Dose

The dosing of this is fairly solid. With lots of bases covered. However the problem is the synephrine, which could cause unwanted side effects.

The ingredients list in this product is fairly solid for a pre. Just be careful with a couple of them and we’d prefer higher doses of cleaner ones.

Battery Nutrition Shocker Pre-Workout Side Effects

Beta Alanine is something that will guarantee the very annoying itching side effects in this product. It’s really not for us.

There is also a high dose of it, so it’s guaranteed. We’ve experimented with plenty of pre workouts in the past and it also ends up distracting us from workouts.

The citrus aurantium could potentially lead to some side effects too, so just test your tolerance before taking this.

Battery Nutrition Shocker Pre-Workout Taste

Fruuuuity! (Fruit Punch) And tangy, the taste isn’t too bad and lives up to the shocker name! We like something electrifying as it just’s adds a nice little shock to the mouth.

Battery Nutrition Shocker Pre-Workout Cost

We found this in various supplement stores online for around 30 Euros. Not a bad price as it’s ingredients profile will be fairly effective.

There is just those annoying side effects we’ve mentioned, which is what would keep us away from this product and look at getting something from our top 3.


Battery Nutrition Shocker Pre-Workout Review Conclusion

We like the look of this pre workout and generally it’s ingredients are reliable and solid. The problem comes however from the synephrine, which could cause some harm.

The beta alanine is also a very annoying ingredient as it will give you some extremely distracting side effects at such a high dose. Overall though, the product isn’t too bad. You could check our top 3 pre workouts for something cleaner and more effective.

Battery Nutrition Shocker Pre-Workout Review Conclusion
  • 7.8/10
    Battery Nutrition Shocker Pre-Workout Review Conclusion - 7.8/10

Battery Nutrition Shocker Pre-Workout Review Conclusion

This isn’t a bad product overall, but is let down by it’s near enough guaranteed unwanted side effects.

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