AST Science MyoGenin Whey Protein Review

Our complete AST Science MyoGenin Whey Protein Review looks at this new protein supplement and see what impact it will have on your all important gains.

This latest protein from AST Science, a fairly well established and dependable supplements company promises to be a that pinnacle of supplementary science.

Using new technology MyoGenin Whey claims it can release higher levels of leucine peptides.

This obviously comes at a price, and the main question you should be asking is, is it actually going to be worth it, and will it cause repair and growth above our current #1 whey protein.

AST Science MyoGenin Whey Protein Ingredients

AST Science have used more clever marketing than they have got a ground breaking product here.

For us this just over complicates something that absorbs normally and is used normally by you when you have a shake.

The addition of hydrolyzed whey protein and leucine-specific active enzymes will most like not make a huge difference to the absorption of the proteins and the repair of muscles following a workout.

If you are wanting increased absorption, performance and recovery you should be looking at getting some BCAA’s as opposed to a product like this.

The good thing is with it though, is whilst this probably won’t change the way we supplement protein forever, it is a fairly solid source of standard protein in itself.

AST Science MyoGenin Whey Protein Serving

You take 1 scoop, which has 25g of protein. Early reports suggest this is easier to mix than some proteins, which is hand if you forget your shaker!

This serving is pretty average for the amount of protein you get in 1 scoop.

AST Science MyoGenin Whey Protein Cost

$57.95 for 25 servings. This is pretty expensive for a smaller serving size.  The price is most likely due to the inclusion of this technology, which we are just not convinced by.

You can opt to buy our #1 protein for much cheaper, which also has more protein, from cleaner sources. This is especially cheaper if you stock up for a 3 month period of cutting or bulking.

AST Science MyoGenin Whey Protein Taste

Chocolate Milkshake seems to be the front runner here, especially if you mix with whole milk for some extra gains!

It can taste a little weak with just water, as is the case with most proteins powders.

AST Science MyoGenin Whey Protein Review Conclusion

This isn’t a bad source of protein, but it isn’t anything that’s going to really make a difference to most people.

Whilst the technology used is quite interested, you’d be better off supplementing a clean source of protein.

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