AI Sports Nutrition Stoked-XT Review

AI Sports Nutrition present their testosterone boosting offering Stoked XT. In this complete Stoked XT review we will see if this product can do everything it claims and actually increase your testosterone using it’s blend of natural ingredients.

The bottle we are reviewing is a months supply (30 capsules) which is a little low for a serious testosterone booster.

Core Ingredients

From first glance this is a completely natural list of ingredients, which is good and what you want from any supplement. This gets rid of lots of unwanted side effects and means your body can break the product down much easier.

You can also clearly see all of the main ingredients which is great and something that we recognize in our top 3.I Sports Nutrition Stoked XT Ingredients


A well supported supplement that helps with muscle building and recovery. It is a naturally occurring compound that the body synthesizes from amino acids. Generally you see this in pre workouts or as a standalone supplement. It does have some impact on testosterone but this is indirect and hasn’t been fully concluded by scientific studies.

Dandelion Root

Widely used as a aphrodisiac for men this natural ingredient is thought to raise testosterone. However, there is very little scientific evidence to back it up at this stage. We will you update if we get more information.

Tumeric Root

This ingredient is heavily promoted by the infamous Dr Axe. Which is a bad bad thing. When it comes to testosterone though, there is some evidence that this common ingredient may actually help lower estrogen levels, enhancing the effects of testosterone.

Another benefit of tumeric is it is a powerful antioxidant.


Boron is an ok testosterone boosting ingredient. It generally works by helping with hormonal imbalances. It’s used medically to help women on the whole, however some studies have found that this supplement does work for males too. It’s not a bad ingredient, but we’d like something with a little more science in this product instead. (Good alternative, magnesium, which is featured full in our top 3 testosterone boosters)

AI Sports Nutrition Stoked-XT Review Side Effects

There are few ingredients in here dosed at any level that would cause you any negative side effects. We also really, other than the benefits of the L-Carnitine and Tumeric, that will give you many testosterone boosting results.

AI Sports Nutrition Stoked-XT Cost

We found this widely available for around $40. Which is the price of a premium and proven testosterone booster. For a little more you could be using TestoFuel or Prime Male which bother have a higher serving size and more well rounded offering.

If you are buying a testosterone booster make sure you can see the studies that back up it’s ingredients and it is not a proprietary blend.

AI Sports Nutrition Stoked-XT Review Conclusion

We wanted to really like this product, however it’s lacking in terms of it’s serving size and dose of effective ingredients.

You can get some much more for just a little more money. We’d really recommend you check our top 3 testosterone boosters.

Top 3 Testosterone Boosters

AI Sports Nutrition Stoked-XT Review Conclusion
  • 5.2/10
    AI Sports Nutrition Stoked-XT Review Conclusion - 5.2/10

AI Sports Nutrition Stoked-XT Review Conclusion

Some good ideas and a couple of good ingredients are in this product. But ultimately it’s let down by poor dosing, serving side and an expensive price.

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