1 Up Nutrition Pro Test Testosterone Booster Review

1 Up Nutrition are a US based supplement company, with a wide variety of male and female supplements. Pro Test is their testosterone booster and is available directly on their site.

This is a fairly high-priced supplement, but is available as a deal when bought with other products. We like the look of the product and 1 Up nutrition do have some great supplements in their line up.



The ingredients list of this product is short. We’re not one to jump to conclusions, but for the price 1-Up are charging we know you can get a lot more for your money from elsewhere. We do like that fact the product is completely natural though.

Which should be the case with any supplement you intend to buy.  You can get a lot more for your money here. Another issue we have is with the proprietary blend. We can’t see what the doses are of the important ingredients like Fenugreek and L-citrulline. Alarm bells should be ringing.

Vitamin B61-up-nutrition-pro-test-ingredients

A solid start. And a great ingredient to have as the main one.

Vitamin B6 is great in a testosterone booster because it helps the release of androgen in the testes. This is the precursor to testosterone. This is an absolutely crucial ingredient to any testosterone booster. It is scientifically proven to deliver results.


Zinc is something that should high on the list of any testosterone booster. Good to see such a high amount in Pro Test too. The only way you can get your daily amount of zinc is through food, so supplementation for athletes is all but essential.

Zinc has been proven to increase testosterone production.


Fenugreek has libido boosting properties and is often used in foods. It allows more sex hormone to be produced in the body and has been proven to do this. You want about 100mg+ of this ingredient to get any effect.

We can’t tell if that much is in this supplement due to the proprietary blend however.


A great all round bodybuilding ingredient. Citruline improves blood flow around the body and is responsible for giving you a better pump during a workout.

We can’t knock citruline as a supplement on it’s own, but wouldn’t put it in a testosterone booster generally. The dosing of it in here might be a little on the low side too. Although it’s impossible to tell because of the proprietary blend.


Thought to improve athletic performance and be used as an alternative to hormone therapy, Tribulus has been put into loads of supplements in the fitness industry.

We are sad to say that this ingredient has NO proven benefits. All studies carried out showed no increase in testosterone or athletic performance.


A traditional medicine that has been potentially proven to help reduce stress and fatigue.

The proof behind it aiding testosterone production is very limited, but you will probably get some benefits to your athletic performance from supplementing it.

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2 capsules per day. This isn’t really enough, given the fact you will most likely be working out and so losing some of the benefits. If you want solid testosterone support, look for something that has 3+ capsules per day. The proprietary blend doesn’t give us much hope either. Results from the good ingredients could be minimal as a result of this. 1 Up Nutritions Pro Test could benefit greatly from a more diverse list of ingredients. Vitamin D3 being a very obvious one.

What’s the Cost?

$54.99 for a 30 day supply. This is the price you’d pay for a proper premium product with a full list of ingredients and all of their doses disclosed.

It’s far too overpriced in our eyes and you are better off investing this money elsewhere.

1 Up Nutrition Pro Test Testosterone Booster Review Conclusion

We love 1 Up Nutritions other products and don’t doubt the ingredients used in here are high quality. But, it’s not going to boost your testosterone as much as others on the market.

The pricing is a little steep too. You will get some improvements to your performance, but this will be minor. If you want a premium product that will provide optimum growth for testosterone we recommend you check out Prime Male or TestoFuel.

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1 Up Nutrition Pro Test Testosterone Booster Review
  • 5.1/10
    1 Up Nutrition Pro Test Testosterone Booster Review - 5.1/10


We wanted so much more from this supplement. 1 Up are a decent company, but this product ultimately lets them down. If you want a well rounded Testosterone booster then check out our other reviews as you’ll save money and make more gains!

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