Psychotic Pre Workout Review: Our Experience

If you have done any research into pre-workout supplements, then there is a good chance that you have stumbled across Psychotic. Psychotic is a range of pre-workout supplements produced by Insane Labz, and they have become incredibly popular over the past few years. 

There are a variety of different Psychotic pre-workout supplements that you can buy, and they all come in different flavors, so that you can find the one that you like best. But, are these supplements really all they are cracked up to be? And do they live up to the hype?

In our experience, we’ve found that Psychotic pre-workout supplements are actually pretty great, and they are delicious too. In this review, we’ll be taking a look at all the things that we love about these supplements (and the things we didn’t really like too), so to find out more, keep on reading. 

What Is Psychotic Pre-Workout?

First, let’s take a quick look at what Psychotic pre-workout is. As we have said, Psychotic is a range of pre-workout supplements that are produced by Insane Labz.

Under the Psychotic range, Insane Labz offers a variety of different pre-workout supplements, including a range of flavors, and special edition supplements too. Across their range, the majority of their supplements tend to come in gummy form, rather than powder form.

This means that you can simply eat the capsule, rather than having to mix powder with other ingredients to make a protein shake. 

Like many pre-workout supplements, Psychotic is designed to work within 20 to 30 minutes of you taking the capsule. If you eat before taking the capsule, then it might take slightly longer for the effects to kick in.

Once this time has passed, you can then begin your workout, and you will likely notice increased muscle strength and endurance. This is because of the ingredients that are found in the supplements. 

One of the most popular types of Psychotic pre-workout supplement is Psychotic Gold, and this is actually the product that we have experience with. So, for this review, we will focus on this product. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the ingredients in these supplements. 

What Ingredients Are In Psychotic Gold?

Psychotic Gold Pre-Workout

Psychotic Pre Workout

Psychotic Gold is one of their most popular products, and it is easy to see why. This formula takes the original Psychotic formula and enhances it by including vascularity boosters. This means that your muscles will get access to more oxygen while you are exercising.

Psychotic Gold comes in a variety flavors, so depending on the option that you choose, the ingredients list will vary slightly. But, let’s take a look at the key ingredients in this formula.

The base formula of Psychotic Gold includes a range of ingredients, and that is why these supplements are able to provide such outstanding results.

These ingredients include Caffeine Anhydrous and Caffeine Citrus, Agmatine Sulfate, Rauwolfia Vomitoria Extract, Oxygold, Beta Alanine, DMAE Bitartrate, L-Citrulline, and AMPiberry.

Many of these ingredients are commonly used in pre-workout supplements, but what makes Psychotic Gold stand out from the rest is the presence of Oxygold and AMPiberry.

These ingredients are patented by Insane Labz, and they make it easier for your body to absorb the supplements, meaning you can feel the benefits much quicker. 

So, as you can see, the ingredients that are found in Psychotic Gold clearly make this product stand out from the rest. But something that you might see as a priority in pre-workout supplements is flavor, so let’s take a look at what Psychotic Gold tastes like. 

What Does It Taste of?

What Does It Taste of?

As we have said, Psychotic Gold pre-workout supplements are actually available in a couple of different flavors. In fact, there are 6 different flavors to choose from, so you can pick the flavor that appeals to you the most.

As Psychotic Gold are gummy supplements, you can really taste the flavor when you chew these capsules. So, what flavors can you pick from? Let’s find out. 

The most popular flavor of Psychotic Gold pre-workout is probably fruit punch. This is a flavor that is available across their range, and from our experience, it is absolutely delicious.

These capsules are full of fruit flavor, and it feels like you are giving yourself a treat when you chew one. That is why this flavor will always be our favorite. But what are the other 5 flavors? 

As well as fruit punch, you can also get Psychotic Gold in Piña colada, Cherry Bomb, Blue Punch, Gummy Candy flavor, and orange. So, as you can see, the flavors that this company offers are pretty wacky.

But, as well as being a little out there, they are also totally delicious, and it is one of the main things that make us such a big fan of Psychotic pre-workout supplements. 

How Effective Is Psychotic Pre-workout?

When talking about the effectiveness of pre-workout supplements, it is important to remember that these supplements are designed with different purposes in mind. While some supplements will target energy and muscle strength simultaneously, others will only target one.

Psychotic is one of the supplements that only targets one thing, and that is energy. 

So, if you want a supplement that will boost your energy, then Psychotic is incredibly effective. Not only does this supplement give you mental energy to carry you through this workout, but it also gives your muscles energy too.

This means that you might find that your muscles are able to take on a little more weight than usual if you use these supplements, even though these supplements are only targeting energy levels. 

We can only really measure the effectiveness of Psychotic against what it is supposed to do, and from where we are standing it does this pretty well.

In our experience, Psychotic Gold not only gives you enough boosted energy to get through your workout, but enough boost to get through the entire day. So, if you try this pre-workout, don’t be surprised if you find yourself suddenly ticking a lot of things off your to-do list too.

With this supplement, you can really feel the energy boost, and that is what makes it great. 

The Downsides Of Psychotic Pre-workout

But, even the best pre-workout supplements have their drawbacks, and Psychotic Gold is no different. It is important to remember that everybody will react differently to a pre-workout supplement, so these downsides might not affect you.

But, the main issue that we have with Psychotic Gold is that it can be pretty overpowering when you first start using it. Let’s take a look at why this is. 

There are 2 reasons why Psychotic can be a lot when you first try it. They are the ingredients and the flavor. The main ingredient that makes Psychotic rather overwhelming when you first try it is alpha yobamine, which is found in the majority of Psychotic products.

This is a pretty strong stimulant, so when you first start taking Psychotic Gold, you might notice that the boost in your energy is pretty severe. That is why we would suggest starting with a half portion, then building up as your tolerance improves. 

The other potential downside of Psychotic Gold is the flavor. As the flavors of Psychotic products are pretty wacky, it might take you a while to find the flavor for you, and along the way you might stumble across some nauseating flavors.

But, all in all, we would say that the benefits of Psychotic outweigh these costs. 

So, Is Psychotic Pre-workout Worth It?

In our experience, we would say that, yes, Psychotic pre-workout is absolutely worth it. This product is fairly reasonably priced when you compare it to other pre-workout supplements on the market, and you can often get it at a discounted price too. 

If you are looking for a pre-workout supplement that will give you an instant boost of energy, allowing you to get the best results out of your workout, then Psychotic is perfect. Within as little as 20 minutes of taking this supplement you will feel the boost in your energy levels, and your muscles will feel it too.

This allows them to perform even better, meaning that you can push yourself that bit further every time that you exercise. 

But, from our experience, the best thing about Psychotic is the flavor. A lot of pre-workout supplements taste absolutely awful, and it can make taking them a bit of a chore.

But, the flavors that Psychotic offer are outstanding, and even though some of them might not be for you, their range means that you will find a flavor that is right up your street. In particular, we would recommend giving the fruit punch flavor a try, because it is absolutely delicious, and very refreshing. 

So, yes, Psychotic pre-workout is absolutely worth it. Especially if you want a supplement that tastes great while also giving your body a real boost. So, we would definitely recommend giving this product a try if you are looking for a new pre-workout brand. 

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